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Full Service Property Development

Falmouth Property Development

Custom designed high-class properties

You Come First

At Falmouth Property Development we pride ourselves on serving our customers through developing exceptional custom designed homes, that are safe and sustainable.

We bring easy to understand, accessible and detailed project management that ensures you are kept fully informed every step of the way from initial idea to feeling the new keys to your dream home in your hand.

Whatever your primary reason for development, be it long-term investment, increasing your net worth, a holiday let, or a dream family home, we can make this a reality for you.


Sustainable construction is very important to us at Falmouth Property Development.

It is important for us to understand how much impact our developments make on the environment. With this in mind we design and build homes with high energy efficiency and use materials which lessen the over energy consumption needs, and as a result lessen the impact on the environment.

We believe in ethical business and as a team we’re always looking at ways operate as ethical as possible, both in adopting the highest levels of industry practice throughout the entire development project, to recycling of waste materials and even aiming to be as paperless as possible.

Of course because we’re local we love our area and are very sensitive to the desires, feelings and sentiments of our local community. So with this in mind we diligently plan and design developments that are not only environmentally considerate but also aesthetically pleasing for the local area, in fact to be cherished for generations to come. This also means we deploy high grade building systems such as heating and electric supplies that also are forward engineered.


Land Aquisition

Many existing properties often have the opportunity for additional property development, you may be in such a position. With this in mind we are always seeking potential development sites, with or without planning consent, that have great potential for distinctive high class development.

We welcome you to contact us and make a confidential enquiry to arrange a meeting to assess the potential for both you and us. We treat this with utmost privacy, and if we agree on the potential we deploy a team to create a tailor made legal agreement between both parties.

Use this form to request a confidential call from us.